Patterned Carpets 

Patterned carpets can instantly change the entire look and feel of a room and are popular with many homeowners as they tend to disguise faint stains and wear and tear fairly well. If the idea of a traditionally patterned carpet doesn't appeal, take a look at some of the more modern designs you'll find when looking for carpets online. Stripes of various thickness and in a wide range of colours are currently popular and are particularly well suited to fitting on stairs or in hallways.

Loop-Pile Carpets

Loop-pile carpets are, as the name implies, created by using loops rather than cut pile. These are a great choice if you need durability, making them perfect for busier parts of the home, such as stairs. However, loop-pile carpets are not generally a good choice for homes with pets. Cats in particular can catch their sharp claws in the carpet loops, potentially damaging your carpet over time.

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets have long been considered a luxurious option for homeowners. As they have a deeper pile than other varieties, they provide extra padding underfoot and are great for bedrooms in particular.

They can add warmth when fitted in colder rooms, but occasional attention is required to ensure the pile doesn't become flattened and start looking worn.

Cut-Pile Carpets

These are generally softer than loop-pile varieties and are a good all-round choice. As the pile has been cut, they don't pose the same problems as loop-pile carpets do for pets, making them ideal for households with cats or dogs.

Twist Carpets

These are manufactured using twisted fibre cut to the desired length. Twist carpets tend to feel more coarse than other varieties, making them tough and hard-wearing. Ideal for use in all rooms of the house, including busy sections such as stairways, landings and halls, these are also great for rooms where you're concerned about the potential of stains, such as dining rooms.

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